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The ASEAN Game

The ASEAN Game is a fun way for anyone to start to experience ASEAN. The Game is free for everyone, and focuses on fun and interesting aspects of life in ASEAN countries. The game is trivia style, and the questions are divided into each country. The game is a great supplementary tool for the classroom, or for a student who is getting ready to travel...or simply for anyone who is interested in culture and society! 

Once you download the game app (available from ITunes Store, Google Play, or can be played via a PC), you can test your knowledge about ASEAN people and places by competing against your friends for a high score. For more information, and to begin playing, please click here. Stay tuned for ASEAN Game 2.0, which is coming to you in 2015!
P2A Game Online version: Click here P2A Android version: Click here