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Ready for ASEAN Certificate

For those with the dedication to complete all three P2A programs, a P2A Certificate for ASEAN Readiness will be issued. The Certificate is signed by the Chairman of P2A, as well as the President of the ASEAN Association-Thailand. The Certificate, along with your stories and experience will greatly contribute to your career and life, don’t forget to share your experience with everyone! Mobile Students request their Certificate online by submitting the criteria below. The P2A Secretariat sends a digital certificate to the home institute that issues the certificate to the student

  1. ASEAN Race Completed, having completed all 10 countries
  2. Three Certificates of Journey Participation, (visiting three different countries)

* P2A is a non-credited program. P2A Member Institutions may individually decide to award credits for specific program elements. Credit transfer may be discussed and agreed between P2A partners. Contact your local P2A Coordinator for more information.