PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


Introduction to P2A

P2A is a non-profit Network that was officially formed in June 2012 during the First Assembly of Representatives hosted by Rangsit University in Thailand and attended by Duy Tan University in Vietnam and other ASEAN Institutions. During this time, the concepts of P2A were established, which were based on the vision of the ASEAN Charter: “One Vision, One Identity” and creating “one caring and sharing community”. Passage to ASEAN is driven by the need for regional solidarity and a shared responsibility towards people and society as a whole. P2A was initiated with the principle that higher education should be a leader in the development of society.
Today, P2A is growing fast; we attribute this to our core values, which are simplicity, flexibility, and most importantly a direct focus on our students, who will shape our world of tomorrow. P2A “belongs” to its Members; each Member institution plays a vital its development, decision-making and programs.