PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


Vision and Mission of P2A

P2A has a vision to:
(1) Support the ASEAN Charter, whereby One Vision and One Identity will strengthen and unify its people, while also protecting and preserving the region’s diverse cultures, environments and heritage
(2) Create a society whereby all people may participate in and benefit from regional integration by promoting equal access to education and development
(3) Promote principles of acceptance, respect and friendship, as a means to promote peace and harmony in the ASEAN region

P2A has a mission to implement its vision by:
(1) Providing flexible Mobility Programs for its Member Institution’s Students, Faculties and Staffs to travel and experience different cultures and countries
(2) Establishing open access Virtual Programs for any ASEAN Student, especially those who do not have access to mobility programs
(3) Providing the Network and opportunity for bilateral and multilateral cooperation amongst Member Institutions