PASSAGE TO ASEAN association



The Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is led by its Chairman, Dr. Arthit Ourairat, who is also the President if Rangsit University, Thailand. The Board of Directors oversees and governs the Association, with emphasis on matters such as long-term policy and budget. The Board seeks to maintain a number of persons more than or equal to eleven (11) persons, of whom may be from any ASEAN country.  Ideally, representation will cover all 10 ASEAN countries. The Board of Directors meets on a semiannual annual basis, to review, discuss and advise.

The Standing Committee
The Standing Committee (SC) is a governing body of senior individuals from Member Institutions. The SC oversees and approves network management and decision-making on a day-to-day basis, with a focus on program development, in coordination with the secretariat. Standing Committee Members are highly active and engaged Members who wish to take part in network development. The SC seeks representation from all 10 ASEAN countries. 

The P2A Secretariat
The Secretariat plays a key role as the center of communication, coordination and network management, as well as, actively promotes the interests of P2A, including expanding and developing the programs and membership through policy initiatives, coordination, consensus and cooperation. The Secretariat also coordinates biannual meetings with the network and is currently located at Rangsit University in Thailand.