PASSAGE TO ASEAN association



  1. A Member is an ASEAN Institution of Higher Education that has signed the ratification and agreed to the Charter. Members have full access and will engage in the P2A Programs and Network. Members are encouraged to take part in the development of P2A. Membership requires an application fee as well as annual dues. (3.7, 3.8)
  2. A Partner is an organization or institution that wishes to collaborate with P2A, and maybe from the Private Sector, Governmental Agencies or other organizations that may have mutual benefits with P2A. Partners will typically focus on specific areas of collaboration with P2A. Financial terms may be agreed between the Association and the Partner as needed.
  1. Eligibility: Any University, College or Institution of ASEAN Member Countries will be eligible for Partnership. Specific criteria are not required for Membership, however, the final approval for Membership remains the discretion of the Secretariat and Standing Committee
  2. Accreditation: Specific academic accreditation is not required of Members, however, Members are required to have the appropriate governmental authorization as an Institution of Higher Educations per the laws and regulations of the governing country.
  1. Application: Institutions shall submit the application on the official P2A website, and warrant that the information provided is up-to-date and accurate.  The information required for application for Membership will be updated regularly to meet the needs of the Network and its Programs, and is subject to change.
  1. Application Fee: Members shall pay a one-time application fee of USD 100 (One Hundred US Dollars) upon application. Application fees shall be paid and collected via the online registration form on the P2A Website. 
  1. Association Dues: Annual Association dues are required of all Members. The Annual dues for 2015 shall be USD 500 (Five Hundred US Dollars). The fees shall be collected each year from all Members of the P2A Association to defray the administrative costs and operational expenses of the Association, as well as to support programs offered to Members. Association Dues will be collected once per year at the start of the fiscal year. New Members will not be charged until the start of the new fiscal year for that following year.
  1. Certification: Upon approval of the application and payment of the membership fees, the Institution shall receive a Membership Certificate.
  1. Contributions and Special Assessments: The P2A Association may raise funds for its programs and activities through its contributions, donations, or other ways of raising and pooling funds. The Subcommittee for Funding and Contributions will help coordinate such contributions, together with the Secretariat and the Standing Committee.
  1. Member in Good Standing: A Member is considered to be “in good standing” if they comply with all the duties and obligations of membership as determined by this Charter and has not been otherwise declared as delinquent. Membership will be evaluated annually by the Secretariat.
  1. Probation: Should a Member fail to meet the Requirements for Membership in a given year, they will have a 6-month probation period to complete the necessary requirements to maintain their Membership. The Institution will maintain its Membership if the requirements are fulfilled within the 6 months.
  1. Principles of Membership:
  1. Respect for the independence, equality, and national identity of all Members and a shared commitment to developing, promoting, supporting and executing Passage to ASEAN;
  1. Respect for the right of every Partner to apply the details of Passage to ASEAN within the framework of this Charter;
  1. Enhanced and continuous consultations between the Partners on matters that affect the common interest and the betterment of Passage to ASEAN;
  1. Adherence to the rule of law, in particular, the rule of Educational laws, the governing rules of the Partner institutes, and the principles of good governance;
  1. Respect for the different cultures, languages and religions of the peoples of ASEAN, while emphasizing their common values in the spirit of unity in diversity.
  1. Requirements and Responsibilities of Membership
  1. Application submitted online with complete and accurate information
  2. Signed Ratification of Membership committing to the Charter and its Appendices
  3. Institutional Senior Administrator and Coordinator Appointed
  4. P2A Offering for Mobility Completed and Submitted to Secretariat
  5. Contributor to ASEAN Game
  6. Participation in important activities, events and meetings of P2A
  7. Annual Membership Fee 
  8. Copy of Educational license or certificate sent to Secretariat (as issued by each governing country/ministry of education)
  9. Participation in at least (1) Subcommittee
  10. Organization of at least 1 P2A Journey Per Year 
  11. Registration of at least 10% of Students on the ASEAN Game/Website
  12. Student Ambassador Team Appointed and active
  1. Benefits of Membership
  1. Certificate of Membership
  2. Access to ASEAN Game
  3. Access to Virtual ASEAN
  4. Access to P2A Journeys (Mobility) and Corresponding Certificates
  5. Access to Annual P2A Summits, Events and Meetings
  6. Access to P2A Social Media
  7. Access to Member Network for Non-P2A Bilateral/Multilateral Collaboration
  8. Eligible for Standing Committee (Must meet all Requirements and Responsibilities of Membership)
  9. Ability to Host Member Summits and Events under the Banner of P2A
  10. Option to Chair Country Chapter
  11. Access to Sponsorship/Scholarships available from the Association
  12. Institutional Promotion on P2A Website/PR Materials
  13. Access to P2A International Network