PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


Student Ambassador

Introduction to becoming a Student Ambassador
Students of P2A, future leaders of tomorrow, congratulations on your decision to become a P2A Student Ambassador!  We are happy to introduce and explain this amazing opportunity, why it’s so important, and how you will help your School and the ASEAN region. We hope that this will be the start of an important part of your educational experience, but most of all, we hope that you have fun with P2A!
What is P2A?
P2A is a network of Universities, Colleges, and higher education Institutions that are helping strengthen ASEAN society. How do we do that? We give the opportunity for students and people to get to know each other, learn about each other’s culture and country, and form friendships that will strengthen our ASEAN community. The 10 countries of ASEAN have tremendous opportunity, but also tremendous diversity. In P2A, we want to promote and celebrate our differences, because we believe that the more we understand about each other, the more we can find mutual respect. Ultimately, the future of our ASEAN society lies in your hands!
Your Objective
The Student Ambassadors are student representatives from P2A Member Institutions, who will promote and develop P2A, both at their home institution and collectively for the Network. This Network of Student Ambassadors aims to empower the students to become leaders, who will help promote, manage and develop P2A,
How will you do it?
  1. Learn about P2A! – read the information on the website, the P2A Charter, check out our Facebook and YouTube Channel, and of course the Student Ambassador Handbook. We want you to generally “get to know” us!
  2. Register with the P2A Student Ambassador Chair – Fill out the Registration Sheet (attached) and email to Ms. Jocebel Bonilla @  Ms. Jocebel is in charge of overseeing the Network of Student Ambassadors
  3. ENGAGE!
    1. Begin to interact with the Student Network via the FB group. The FB group is the main method of communication and coordination for the Network
    2. Introduce yourself and Institution to the other Student Ambassadors via email thread.
    3. Talk to your P2A Representative or teachers (at your Institution) about when the next events and activities are for P2A, and try to Join!
    4. The Students Ambassador Network does have elected positions if you are interested in taking a more significant role.
    5. Organize a Journey! Talk with your P2A representative at your institution about how to get a Journey together, and recruit your friends to join you!