PASSAGE TO ASEAN association


P2A Philippines Chapter Held General Meeting

P2A Chapter Phillipines has prepared themselves to welcome 2020. Through the general meeting which was held last December 9th 2019, Chapter Phillipines discussed some matters regarding to the plan of welcoming students all around ASEAN. 

Not only about students, they also planned to improve their education quality by conducting some benchmarking visit to campus partners from P2A members.

Attended by six representatives from each P2A member campuses, this general meeting has gone smoothly and produce useful and qualified result for the improvement of P2A chapter Phillipines. 

The serious path taken by those campuses has proven that the plan of contributing to P2A is a high priority. 

It is hoped that by holding a general meeting from each chapter, this will give positive impact and motivate all members to boost their energy to contribute more in developing higher education and contributing to cultural exchange among members.

Congratulation P2A chapter Phillipines